Aquavit is the spirit of the Nordics

For centuries aquavit has been flavoured with caraway- and or dill seeds. Other herbs and spices may additionally be used, but the flavour of aquavit shall be mainly attributable to distillates of caraway (Carum carvi L.) or dill (Anethum graveolens L.) seeds.

Our heritage

Traditional Norwegian aquavit is recognized by its distinct flavour originating from caraway seeds and maturation in oak barrels. The main constituents of caraways essential oil are carvone and limonene to which chiefly flavour is attributed. The aroma is warm, herbaceous, citrusy, and slightly floral. The taste is sweet and spicy.

MEIR aquavit

Distilled caraway seed is the heart and soul of MEIR aquavit. MEIR is always distilled to reveal the plethora of flavours that can be found in the caraway seed. While we use substantial amounts to distil our aquavit, we seek to capture only the most volatile and delicate flavours, to make the caraway shine.

Annex: Aquavit and the Geographical Indications of Norwegian-, and Swedish-aquavit are protected by regulations of the European Parliament.