MEIR No. 1

MEIR No. 1 is the fresh and fruity aquavit for your cocktails.

To create No. 1, MEIR joined forces with the master of flavors at Roner Distillery in Süd-Tyrol, Italy.

Meir No. 1 is flavored with classic aquavit spices. carefully blended with bergamot, lime, quince, and an evocative hint of pine cone.

Type: Clear distilled aquavit
Origin: Distilled at Brennereien Roner, Italy
Aroma: Fruity and herbaceous, with citrus top notes
Taste: Highly concentrated with a soft mouthfeel
Ingredients*: Rectified alcohol distilled from molasses, distillates of caraway seeds, coriander seeds, star anise, grains of paradise, juniper berries, lime, bergamot, quince, and arolla pine cone.
*MEIR is a firm believer in honest marketing. We always share with you the complete and uncensored ingredient list from our recipes.

Cocktails based on MEIR No. 1