We want to inspire the way the world inspires us. What happens when MEIR joins forces or inspire other creators?

MEIR x Truls Thomsen

Truls Thomsen runs the highly acclaimed cocktail bars "Gimlet" and «Pjolter og Punsj» in Stavanger. He caught our attention, not only as one of Norway's most renowned bartenders but also through his genuine affinity for aquavit.

We love working with Truls. He is a plain-speaking gentleman without the need for buzzwords to make himself important. His competence and curiosity challenge us. We like that.

For MEIR x Truls, we gave him the full artistic freedom to create a MEIR cocktail to his liking.

Portrait of Truls Thomsen.

MEIR Quincy Jones

Truls Thomsens special drink "MEIR Quincy Jones".


4 cl Meir No. 1
1 cl Egge Gård iseple (Apple Ice Wine)
½ cl Empirical spirits fallen pony
3 cl Apple cordial *


Shake with ice and fine strain into a Nick and Nora glass.

Garnish with dehydrated apple.

*1 litre apple juice is mixed with 25 grams malic acid, and 500 grams refined sugar. Bring to a boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes.