The joy of food

Every culture has its codes and rules regarding eating and drinking practices. In Scandinavia, aquavit and food have shared common grounds for centuries. Aquavit is a staple of traditional meals in the festive season. The experience of enjoying food and aquavit, in good company, in a sheltered space is a very Scandinavian thing. You're relishing the moment together with your family and friends.

A match made in heaven

Once you savour the taste of aquavit, you will discover a complexity that pairs well with food.

Pairing aquavit with food is all about finding a balance. Here are a few tips to help you to make congruent meals with MEIR aquavit.

Match aquavit with food of similar level of complexity and flavour intensity. Otherwise, the aquavit could predominate the meal. To create delightful pairings; focus on the side dishes, sauces, and condiments. Aquavit is a complex and flavourful drink. The intensity that is needed for the flavour matrix is often obtained from the fixings.


As a general rule clear aquavits such as MEIR No.1 pairs well with seafood; shellfish, salmon, grilled whitefish, pickled herring, and sushi, the spicy, citrus-forward flavours in the aquavit play well with the delicate aromas of the seafood.


Barrel-aged aquavits, such as MEIR Classic, pairs well with red meat. The tannins extracted during oak cask maturation enhances the fatty flavours. Anise flavour from the spices in the aquavit helps to intensify the meaty taste. Try MEIR Classic with your favourite barbeque.


Fat and umami make food taste delicious and complements the sweetness, spice, and soft tannins of aquavit. Aquavit tastes great with aged cheese and cured meat. Try MEIR Jul and MEIR Classic with parmesan and Ibérico ham.

Food + cocktails

Historically Scandinavians have enjoyed aquavit neat with traditional food. But don't exclude aquavit cocktails. MEIR & tonic with smoked salmon is an excellent match, an unusual and delightful experience.

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