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MEIR x Fredrik Hald

Fredrik Hald is the Headof Product Development at Lerøy Seafood. He is the author of several cookbooks and a renowned chef.

He possesses unbridled contagious enthusiasm for food and cooking. We like that.

For MEIR x Fredrik Hald, he was inspired by MEIR and the way Japanese cuisine uses sake in cooking and for pairing with seafood.

From the moment I tasted MEIR No.1, I knew exactly what it would taste great with – salmon tataki! The combination of the MEIRaquavit and the clean and gentle seafood, and the vegetal, and fermentedflavours is an experience I will keep going back to.

Fredrik Hald in the kitchen at Lerøy Seafood.

Salmon tataki with MEIR No.1

Salmon tataki with MEIR aquavit No. 1.


Salmon tataki
400 grams sushi-grade salmon filet
4 grams sugar kelp powder
120 grams diced mango
120  grams diced avocado
3 pcs spring onion sliced thin
2 spoons trout caviar
Fresh Cilantro

70 grams soya sauce
50 grams brown sugar
30 grams fresh lime juice
2 spoons MEIR No.1Aquavit



Cut the raw salmon filet into thin slices. Put it back together. Drizzle the salmon with sugar kelp powder. Sear the salmon in a dry pan on high heat for approximately 2 minutes.  

Mix lime juice with brown sugar until it is dissolved. Wait a few minutes and stir in the soya sauce. Add MEIR No.1 just before serving.

Rinse the rice thoroughly, and boil in a rice cooker.