MEIR Snavvel

MEIR Snavvel is a rich & luscious barrel-aged aquavit.

MEIR Snavvel is the aquavit for hedonic escapism. Impenetrable dark mahogany coloured, bursting with sweet complex flavours and comes with an ultra-creamy mouthfeel.

Co-created with Ståle Gerhardsen. He works with painting on both canvas and wall. When he does not, he makes serigraphy, sculptures, and other things he feels like doing. Ståle’s rule is, ‘If it’s fun, I’ll do it!

Contrary to the urban dictionary, the meaning of the word “snavvel” is something delicious and indulgent. This aquavit is created to give brief escapes from everyday life. Snavvel is barrel-aged in Madeira casks and flavoured with classic aquavit spices and a luscious extract of brown butter.

Type: Barrel-aged aquavit
Origin: Distilled and matured in ex-Madeira barrels at OSS Craft Distillery, Norway
Aroma: Bursting with fresh orange zest, exotic spices, caraway, and sweet oak
Taste: Notes of sherry, vanilla, toasted caramel. Creamy mouthfeel, long aftertaste
Ingredients*: Rectified alcohol distilled from potatoes, distillates of caraway, coriander, fennel, grains of paradise and boisé, extract of brown butter, fortified wine, and sugar.
*MEIR is a firm believer in honest marketing. We always share with you the complete and uncensored ingredient list from our recipes.

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