MEIR Pink is a succulent journey into the unexplored potential of aquavit, crafted to elevate your cocktails.

Distilled at Roner Distillery in Süd-Tyrol, MEIR Pink combines traditional aquavit botanicals with classic Italian fruits.

MEIR Pink has an alluring grapefruit flavor.

Type: Pink distilled aquavit
Origin: Distilled at Brennereien Roner, Italy
Aroma: Complex, citrus-forward, fresh caraway character with authentic top notes of pink grapefruit
Taste: Full-bodied, highly concentrated fruity taste, rich mouthfeel, and very long aftertaste
Ingredients*: Rectified alcohol distilled from molasses, distillates of caraway seeds, coriander seeds, star anise, grains of paradise, juniper berries, arolla pine cone, lime, bergamot, sugar, natural pink grapefruit flavour and colour (E122)
*MEIR is a firm believer in honest marketing. We always share with you the complete and uncensored ingredient list from our recipes.

Cocktails based on MEIR Pink