MEIR Jul is the deep-flavored, barrel-aged aquavit. Our take on the traditional Christmas indulgence.

Aquavit has a special place in the Norwegian Christmas tradition. It matches well with the traditional and powerful Norwegian Christmas meals. MEIR Jul is especially enjoyable during those peaceful moments by the fireplace when the dishes are done. A bottle of aquavit is a Christmas gift you’re all too happy to receive.

MEIR Jul is an exceptionally rich, oak-matured aquavit. It has overtones of soft spice from maturation in Madeira barrels, and the kick of bespoke boisé from Cognac in France

Type: Barrel-aged aquavit
Origin: Distilled and matured in ex-Madeira barrels at OSS Craft Distillery, Norway
Aroma: Sweet, winey, roasted nut and toasted oak
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel, long aftertaste
Ingredients*: Rectified alcohol distilled from potatoes, distillates of caraway seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, grains of paradise, sugar, boisé, and colour: plain caramel
*MEIR is a firm believer in honest marketing. We always share with you the complete and uncensored ingredient list from our recipes.

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