MEIR Classic

MEIR Classic Aquavit bottle.

At its purest, making exceptional aquavit is the act of balancing finely distilled spirits, aromatic caraway seeds, and the flavor from oak barrel maturation.

MEIR Classic is the MEIR way of honoring aquavit tradition, building on centuries of knowledge.

MEIR Classic is a traditional yet indulgent, aquavit that would have made our ancestors proud.

Type: Barrel-aged aquavit
Origin: Distilled and matured in oak barrels at OSS Craft Distillery, Norway
Aroma: Sweet toasted oak with a botanical touch
Taste: Highly concentrated with a soft mouthfeel
Ingredients*: Rectified alcohol distilled from potatoes, distillates of caraway seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, grains of paradise, boisé, sugar, and colour: plain caramel
*MEIR is a firm believer in honest marketing. We always share with you the complete and uncensored ingredient list from our recipes.

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